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We are your preferred choice for your interior renovation needs.

About La Belle Living

About Us

Your preferred choice for your interior renovation needs. Started in 1999, we have been helping companies and individuals design their ideal workspace and dream homes. Some of our key services include interior design consultancy, custom carpentary, electrical and plumbing services, wall paper & vinyl wall covering,.

What We Do

What we do

Do you want your home to have that professionally designed look without the high price tag? Are you looking for an alternative to traditional in house interior design? Do you need just a little or a whole lot of professional interior design advice?

La Belle Living is the personalized and affordable way to get the designer look you want without the high cost or the hassle. Established in 1999, we remain the best interior design services and most first time customers have become repeat clients. We bring together the talent of an experienced interior designer with the benefits of living style; and we can help you with your home no matter where you live.

We Provide:

Granite, Marble, Parquet / Ceramic, Carpet & Rug / Venetian & Vertical Blinds / Wall Paper & Vinyl Wall Covering / PVC & Classic Doors / Furnitures, Aluminium Window / Grilles & Gates / Electrical & Plumbing Services / All kinds of Interior Design & Renovation Works

Idea & Concept

Design & Create

Build & Install

Drawing on our years of experience in commercial moving, We are confident to deliver the most efficient design for your business. La Belle Living is a reliable business partner as we have design for many organizations including educational institutions, food and retail outlets, event organizers, and corporate bodies etc. Contact us now for a pre-design consultation that includes a no obligation pre-design survey at your company. The objective of the pre-design survey is to provide you with an accurate quote and identify the most efficient way to complete your renovation.

How we do
Our portfolio

Please see our recent project for details of our new change to Consolidated Home Design Services and more! We’ve added a new team, new staff and changed our company, but the one thing that won’t ever change is the trusted service excellence we deliver.

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Mobile: (65) 9003 5123 
Office : (65) 6465 6686 
Fax : (65) 6465 6687 
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B1-22, 
Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

La Belle Living

Excellent service in building up your dream living environment.

We bring together the talent of an experienced interior designer with the benefits of living style; and we can help you with your home no matter where you live.

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We offer services in and are not limited to:
  • Granite, Marble, Parquet

  • Ceramic, Carpet & Rug

  • Venetian & Vertical Blinds

  • Wall Paper & Vinyl Wall Covering

  • PVC & Classic Doors

  • Furnitures, Aluminium Window

  • Grilles & Gates

  • Electrical & Plumbing Services

  • All kinds of Interior Design & Renovation Works

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